10 signs to know if someone is an Introvert


People usually misunderstand the introverted people but have you ever ask yourself what it really feels like to be like them? I know it’s not easy to handle the introvert ones compare to the extrovert ones.

But I am telling you, what you think about them is wrong. You just need to know who are they and what they love and hate. Here are the 10 signs that the person is an introvert type.

  1. They love working alone

It is more convenient for them to work alone because they can think and work properly. They find their peace in working all by their selves than working with a group.

  1. They hate crowded places

Introverts really hate crowded places, they don’t want force interactions with other people because they find it so awkward especially when they don’t know the people around them. They rather stay at home and read magazines than to be at a very crowded place.

  1. They hate phone calls

Don’t ever call introvert people because trust me they will not pick that phone just to talk to you. Being an introvert requires a lot of effort to answer the phone, they have their own world and they don’t want to be disturb. If ever an introvert receive a call from someone, they usually asks their self “Why should I answer this call?” and feel a bit nervous.

  1. They don’t trust too much

Never expect an Introvert person to trust you that easy because they don’t! They find it so hard to trust you especially when you are not close to them. Before you earn their trust, you have to wait for a hundred years!


  1. They only have one or two close friends

Introverts always keep their circle small, it’s not because they are snob but it is hard for them to adjust in a new environment. They only have one to two close friends they really trust. They are not snob, they just don’t like to fake people they don’t like and fake an interaction they don’t want.

  1. They are loyal

You are lucky if you have an Introvert friend or best friend because they are loyal. They don’t want to betray the people who really trust them. It may be so hard for you to earn their trusts but you can really trust them, SO MUCH!

  1. They love to write than talk

Introverts express their self through writing, they are not expressive. They really love to write because it gives them time to think and expand their introspective. They have no limits in their words and most especially, they can really express what they really feel inside them.

  1. They guard their personal space

They keep their life a private, introverts don’t like you to meddle in their personal space. They love being a lonesome creature sometime, you need to understand that they are not like extroverts. They need to think and take a break always. They sometimes need a quiet place for them to read books. Don’t ever occupy the personal space an Introvert has created.

  1. They hate small talks

Introverts prefer deep and meaningful conversation than small talks and mindless babble, why? They think that small talks create a gap with someone although they don’t talk too much but they love to listen.

  1. They are socially awkward

They don’t talk too much and that’s what makes them a socially awkward, they are shy when there’s a lot of people around them. They prefer to face computers or books than to go to parties and all and there is nothing wrong with them, they are just really awkward being around with so many people.

I hope that this signs really helps you to understand them more and not to judge them being snobbish and strict the next time you encounter them.

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