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2018 Camiguin Lanzones Festival

Camiguin Lanzones Festival is recognized every October and it is a four-day celebration of the lanzones fruit held to praise wealth harvest of the lanzones production. The most important livelihood in Camiguin is lanzones and their tourist spots like Camiguin white island, cold and hot springs. It is when a lot of tourists come to eyewitness the joyous Lanzones festival. Mambajao, is the middle of the festival celebrations, which include cultural shows, street dancing, and a beauty pageant.

Moreover, the festival has different beautiful cultivated cottages and industrial products. Each barangay normally participates in the event of the beautification of their respective areas. This event is also to celebrate the main production of the Island and their leading export production which is the Lanzones.

Lastly, the festival is also home to an exchange reasonable where crafted by nearby craftsmen are exposed. A standout among the most amazing things that visitors will see about this celebration is that houses and road posts will commonly be enhanced with Lanzones. By enjoying the Lanzones celebration, visitors are usually impressed by this festival.



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