4 Tips to get ready for Back to School 2015

Only few days more and the savored vacation will end. School days are nigh and everyone surely needs tips on how to spend less for school supplies after the extravagant summer vacation. So, Mommies, here are tips to spend less, yet to have pleasant school supplies for back to school, as well!

1. Collect Spare School Supplies

a. Reuse – There surely are some remaining supplies such as pens, pencils, ruler and eraser from the previous school year. You could have your child reuse his/her bag and lunchbox if they are still in good condition. This way, you’ll have fewer things to buy.

b. Recycle – Clean pages of your child’s used notebooks could be used to make a new one! By simply untangling the usable pages and rebinding them using available yarn, you could make a recycled notebook. A little elaboration of the cover design could make it look pleasing and much personalized. You can even put a picture of you and your child on the cover to make it more personal!

2. Make a List of What to Shop

Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend much for things that aren’t really important. Since you already have some useful supplies collected, and some recycled notebooks, you’ll surely have fewer needs now. So, make a list of things that you need but still don’t have. This will guide you when you shop, and would help you save time shopping.

3. Shop Early!

Tardy shoppers would have a really tough time looking for needed school supplies during rush hours. Shopping with a crowd might be annoying and bothersome. Thus, to keep you from shopping out of the mood, make sure you shop early and get things done early!

4. Label Your Belongings!

Losing your child’s things would mean the need to buy a new one. Since your aim here is to save, you should label your child’s things with his/her name and section. This sign of ownership would help in case your child might unintentionally leave his things.
Few days more and the school bell would ring again. Are your child’s school supplies ready? Using these tips, you can surely spend less yet have satisfactory supplies for the next school year.

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