9 Tips on How to Stay Awake

What Sleep?

Sleep deprivation is a common adversity experienced by working individuals. With so many things to do nowadays, the advisable 7-8 hours of sleep is almost reduced to 4-6 hours which is not that good at all.  Here are few points signifying that you are deprived of sleep;

  1. You feel tired and sleepy in the middle of the day.
  2. It weakens your concentration.
  3. It can lead to some health problems.
  4. It ages your skin resulting to premature wrinkles.
  5. It can make you gain weight.
  6. It can make you feel depressed even for no exact reason at all.

Although it may lead to it may lead to such problems, sleep deprivation is not a terminal ailment. You can still do something to either correct or cope up with it. Here a few random simple tips;

  1. Take power naps during break time. It only takes 20 minutes of your time.
  2. Quit smoking. As the nicotine in cigarettes prevent you from falling asleep.
  3. Retire to bed early. As much as possible.
  4. Reduce caffeine intakes. After midday try not to sip on coffees to help you sleep better at night.
  5. Sniff it. Try sniffing some mentholated oil or inhalants to perk your senses up.
  6.  Listen to some music. Upbeat music prevents drowsiness.
  7. Acupressure. Try pulling down on your earlobes.
  8. Eat it up. Consume some fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods except meat.
  9. Water it down. Dehydration causes fatigue, that groggy feeling.

Working hard won’t be as fruitful as it can be if you neglect sleep. As what people would always say, “health is wealth” enough said. There may be more tips out there but I hope these tips may help working individuals out there who are experiencing sleep deprivation. Stay on track fellow workaholics!

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