About Us

Astigtxt.biz is primarily composed of brilliant young minds whose primarily aim is to widespread the wonderful news here in the Philippines and abroad and provide seamless Free SMS services to different networks.

It never aimed to compete with the other networks in the Philippines but just to help minimize credits in load especially in communicating with the friends and relatives abroad. We would like to let you know that we also pay to the network cellular companies to use their network services and we highly recommended to use their service rather than to Astigtxt.biz

We also bring you local news so you know what’s going on in your homeland. We also give you entertainment and everything trendy. There are also sections for some good thoughts to cheer you up and to warm your heart.

To know more about Astigtxt.biz or if you have any questions and concerns email us at info[at]astigtxt.biz




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