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Angelina and Brad with Their Six Kids Fly Economy From Paris to Nice

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, dubbed as Brangelina, considered today’s one of the most powerful couple, together with their youngsters were spotted in an airport where they flew economy on a flight to France, the Daily Mail reports. Leaving behind the private jet or even the comfort of First Class.


Angelina and Brad were somewhat unnoticed, wearing sunglasses simple outfits black trousers, t-shirt and blazer for Angelina. Brad was almost unrecognised in his simple t-shirts and hat.

The family took an Air France flight from Los Angeles to Paris. As they landed on Paris the family waited for two hours at Charles de Gaulle Airport just like the other passengers and took a domestic flight to reach Nice.

They even loaded their own luggage in the storage overhead as passengers kept taking pictures on them. But then during the flight they surely blended in with others like an ordinary family who were taking a vacation.

No bodyguards during their flight and took only one nanny to take care of their six children. Each of them carried their own luggage and backpacks after the second leg of their flight landed. They were seen getting into a car to continue to their last stop, possibly to Chateau Miraval. A vineyard estate owned by the couple located in the village of Correns. Where they mostly spend their summers in the 1,000 – acre state.

According to Mirror, the couple were known on their adopting children around the world. They have six children. The adoptive children namely Maddox, 13, from Cambodia, Pax, 11, from Vietnam, Zahara, 10, from Ethiopia and their natural-born kids Shiloh, 9, and 6-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. They were branded as down-to-earth couple so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised on their decision to get economy when they always wanted normal lives for their children.


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