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Badjao People.. Who are they?

Who are the people manipulating these people? Why is it that our government officials are not acting on this matter? Questions we usually hear from different people who sees Badjaos along the way or streets. Have we ever ask ourselves where these Badjao people really came from? No. right?

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People don’t know where Badjaos really came from, some says they came from the shores of Johore, Indonesia while few says they came from the Samal group of islands and lastly, their other theory that Badjaos are actually boat dwellers and eventually create a stilt houses near fishing grounds.

The Badjaos are spirited, colorful and musical people. They wear colorful clothing due to their belief that they are a loyal descent. At weddings, the bride usually wear a colorful bright colors and will receive a water buffalo dowry. Arranged Marriage for Badjaos are quite common since they are only few. A lot of Badjao history and culture can be discover in folklore.

Some badjao people consider themselves as Sunni Muslims, many attended in Mosques and join in daily prayers. They also believe that they are the descendants of Muhammad but few of them believe in spiritual way of life and they believe in spirit boats and sailing spirits away, they also worship the sea god – Omboh Dilaut.

Badjaos value their rich heritage and history. They also strongly value community, families and being together.

Badjaos are known that they are mainly in agricultural society, with men build in fishing boats, work in iron and diving for pearls and money while women weave mats and market pottery. They have a relatively equal in their own society.

Their religion and culture seems like it would hinder the gospel, considering they are Sunni Muslims. Although they have beliefs in other Gods but to let you know they are also in search of something very real and genuine. Even though it may be an obstacle, I definitely know that because they are searching for something new that they are a ripe field.

Many people underestimate the ability they can give to the society but we don’t know what they are really capable of. We can see them ask money from us in streets and they were running after the buses and jeepneys. How sad to know that we never value them as our equals where in fact they are a big help in our society especially in agriculture.

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