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Bar Topnotcher – Karen Mae Calam: Mindanao’s Pride

“I want to be an inspiration to all those studying in public schools. It’s really not impossible for you to have this, [something] as big as this. So I hope I’ll be an inspiration not just to those who want to become a lawyer but even those who don’t want to be lawyers: Never doubt yourself,” Calam said. (Rappler)

Photo Credits to: Rappler

Who would have thought that the one who will bag the 1st rank in 2016 Bar Examination held last November 2016 is from Mindanao, shocking, right?

Growing up far from the city of Kalilangan Town in Bukidnon, Karen Mae L. Calam saw how her fellow townsfolk are afraid to DREAM BIG. She once said from an interview that she wants to inspire people from a small town and a simple family that it’s never wrong to dream big, that they can also achieve their dream with prayer and hardwork.

Photo credits to: PhilStar

Calam also said that she owed her achievement to her school University of San Carlos in Cebu while preparing for the Bar.

What do you think would probably her next step now? Work in Big Law Firm or join the lucrative firm corporate law?

Surprisingly, When Calam has been asked what her next step is after topping the BAR EXAM, she said that she has not yet decided where to use her sharp legal mind but she hinted her openness to public service. Calam is also set to marry another lawyer in August this year.

Photo Credits to: Sunstar

Isn’t it amazing to see another Mindanaon set another name again in our country? So, never ever afraid to dream big!

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