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The Beginning of Valentine’s Day

Most of the people consider the month February as the month of love because of the specific date that people usually celebrate Valentine’s Day which is on every 14th of the said month. During that special day, many people are expecting to receive something from special someone and at the same give something as well. However, do people really know what Valentine’s Day is for? How did it begun? Well, there’s a true story behind it – a story that teaches us things about commitment, sacrifice and of course love.

During the third century, Claudius II Gothicus, an emperor ruled the Roman Empire. Because of his harsh leadership which leads to wars and abusing people, he was also called Claudius the Cruel. Getting enough soldiers for him became so difficult because of the way he handles his people. It took him so hard recruiting also because Roman men do not want to leave their love ones. With that, Claudius decided to cancel all marriages in Rome.

However, a Christian priest named Valentine came forward to stand up for love. Valentine is against with the emperor’s orders that’s why he let the soldiers marry their love ones secretly before they went off to war. Unfortunately, as time goes by, Claudius found out about the secret ceremonies. He commanded his people to throw Valentine into prison and deemed that he would be put to death.

Valentine had no choice but to wait for his execution. As he waits, he fell in love with a jailer’s daughter, a blind girl. Before the time of his execution, there is no writing instruments available but Valentine still have written her a sonnet in ink that he squeezed from violets which made the blind girl see again. Unfortunately, the day after that, Valentine was executed.


As you can realize, St. Valentine gave up his life so that couples especially those who are still young could be bonded together in holy matrimony. He might had killed physically, but not his spirit. That’s why, the story of Valentine’s self-sacrificing commitment to love begun so legendary. Eventually, he became a saint and the Catholic Church decided to create a feast in his honor. They picked February 14 as the day of celebration because of the ancient belief that birds (particularly lovebirds, owls and doves) began to mate on that very day.

To sum it up, it’s really amazing to know that Valentine’s Day begins from the concept of love in marriage. On every Valentine’s Day, what can you do to keep the love for marriage? It’s good to receive material things but the true essence of Valentine’s Day must remain all throughout the years.

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