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Best Friend Goal: Topping the Licensure Exam for Teachers

best friend goal

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People often say that birds with the same feather flock together. Indeed, two birds – Clarissa Pascual and Heidiebel Balais, with the same feather flocked together in making their dreams come true. The two fulfilled their best friend goal which is topping this year’s Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET).

Pascual and Balais started building their dreams and friendship goals together since their first year in college at the Mariano Marcos State University. The two held true to each other and dutifully fulfilled their “best friend goal” as being each other’s study buddies and cheerleader in all aspects. This harmonious relationship went well throughout their four-year stay as students in the College of Education of the said University.

After their faithful living up as best friends, as well as study buddies, more things in Pascual and Balais’ bucket list were as well attained. As a fruit of their labor, the two both graduated Cum Laude last April – an amazingly “best friend goal”, indeed.  This continued to spark the young ladies’ friendship, and upon taking the next chapter of their lives, Pascual and Balain never left each other’s side and continued to venture their way to taking the LET.

Although the two enrolled in different review centers in preparation for the LET, Pascual and Balais still never failed to meet and catch up. They even spend time together reviewing and sharing their review materials.

After the long run, Pascual and Balais were thrilled after the LET results were released. They knew they have achieved their ultimate “best friend goal” which is not only to pass the said exam and become licensed teachers, but also to become two of the top 10 passers. Pascual placed 7th with a rating of 86.80% while Balais placed 10th with a rating of 86.20%, reported The Summit Express.

The friendship of the two young ladies, Pascual and Balais, has gone far and has become their foundation in reaching their dreams through life’s ups and downs. They are now set to face the world of professionals, and are planning to teach together in their alma mater soon – another “best friend goal” they are excited to achieve next.


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