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Best Gifts for Christmas

Choosing the best gift that you’re going to give to your loved ones by buying expensive and luxurious things is not important. The most significant aspects of giving the best gift for Christmas are the effort, presence and LOVE.  Why is it effort?  Effort of giving an amount of time, mental and physical effort by putting a successful gift that the giver thought the receiver is worthy of it. Meanwhile, presence in the special time of the year is a great impact to give the best gift because face to face communication with the presence of the giver and receiver is the act of making or creating memories. Lastly, the important of all is LOVE. Just imagine giving gifts without love, it has no sense at all. So we must give love on Christmas day.

These are some ideas of having significant aspects of giving the best gift for Christmas.

  1. Collecting moments not things

In Christmas Eve, you can make memories in your house surrounded with your loved ones. By gathering together making memories will be on place. Minimize using gadgets like when you are talking to someone and you just keep on texting. Memorable moments amusing your loved ones show them your special talents or your hidden talents.

2. Give love on Christmas day 

Giving gifts to the people who in need in food, clothes and etc. To be generous is a good attitude towards Christmas Season. Make people and children happy with a big smile by giving them things that they needed. But giving is not only for Christmas, it is anytime. It is one of the best gift for Christmas, by making them smile and happy.

3.  Go to church on Christmas Eve

Going to church with your loved ones is the best idea to complete your Christmas. By attending the birth of Christ is one of the important celebration. Give thanks to God that you were blessed  to the current year and pray for the better for next year. Remember always be thankful for your loved ones because they are your best gift that the gift you will be love for eternity.



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