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Bohol’s Magical Sea of Clouds: New Discovery!

Photo Credits to: Sherwinc2013

BOHOL. Being praised by its mesmerizing beauty and wondrous places. For decades, this beloved island it never fail to amaze the tourists and travelers from all over the world, with its immense wealth of wonders, especially its one of a kind wildlife, historical churches and the most popular Chocolate Hills. In addition to this wondrous places is the jaw-dropping beautiful scenery – The magical sea of clouds located in Barangay Concepcion, Danao Bohol.

Photo Credits to: bisayatraveler.com

The Magical Sea of Clouds is another newly discovered attraction in Danao that captured the attention of the Photographers, even in social media. Well, it may be hard to believe but the pictures and videos circulating online is the proof that the “Sea of Clouds” really exists in this place.

Photo Credits to: travel29

Those who really want to witness this beautiful and amazing phenomenon can do so with the less effort. The trail to the exact spot of Mt. Pungtaas where you can get a perfect view for taking of pictures of the whole scenery is not as risky compared to Mt. Pulag. For a couple or solo traveler, a single motorcycle is usually a very efficient choice, tiresome yet exciting. The most convenient option for those who come with a group is to rent a van to drop you off to the location and start to walk and follow the trail uphill. And who are in tight budget can travel by a bus from Tagbilaran City to Danao proper where you can ride a motorcycle that will drop you off to the foot of Mt. Pungtaas. Going up requires a few minutes of brisk hiking from the start off point. The property is owned privately, so restrictions are also set to every tourists going up there or wishes to see the wonderful scenery. Avoid littering since nobody will clean after you. The ideal time to visit is 4-6am when the sun starts to shed its ray.

Affordable, right? A newly discover “Sea of Clouds” is worth hiking and trekking for.


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