Bottlehouse made of over 25,000 varicoloured glass bottles

When his daughter sent him a post card of a glass bottle castle from British Columbia. He thought he could make something out of it and that’s when he started the House of Bottles project. Edouard T. Arsenault of Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island started collecting bottles from the community where he lives. At the age of 66 he began his first construction.

Called The Six Gabled House built in 1980 that approximately consist of 12,000 bottles. The bottlehouse has three sections measures of 280 square feet.



Bottles are carefully categorized according to its color and sizes.bottlehouse13


Soon after The Six Gabled House was successfully constructed. He started doing The Round Tavern.


Built in 1982 the hexagonal Round Tavern is made of 8,000 bottles. It is used for souvenir display that his wife made handcrafted items and a large collection of his bottles.


And the fascination with building house bottles didn’t stop him in doing The Chapel house bottles.


About 10,000 pieces of bottles, The Chapel completed its structures with altar and pews. Wonderfully transform into a mini chapel in 1983.


At sunset, a beautiful beam of light reflects in behind the altar.


The hardwork- the cleaning of bottles at the basement during winter and working his dream project is truly a piece of Art and paid off very well for the House of Bottles, are one of the Highlights and a must-see attraction in Prince Edward Island, Canada.


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