Calamity Preparedness Tips

We can never tell when will crisis hit us, right? So, we have to prepare if ever the calamity hits us. Here are some of my tips for you to be calamity-ready always. Find time to read this, you will never know this might help you soon enough.

  1. Communicate where you will be

In times of crisis you need to communicate with your family and love ones for them to be aware that you are safe. Also, tell them where you are during that crisis.

  1. Check your survival kit

Always check your survival kit so that in case of emergency you already had a survival kit store in your house and always make sure that it is accessible and always available.

  1. Know the warning signs and red alert

For you to be safe always, know the warning signs and red alert in your place. Open your televisions and radio to monitor the red alert places within the city for you to know if the place is still a danger prone or not.

  1. Know the evacuation route

If the authorities announce that you should have to evacuate immediately. You have to know the route of the evacuation where you are heading to avoid misleading.

  1. Monitor

Always monitor the happenings around you, know if  its safe to stay at home or you have to evacuate immediately.

  1. Keep cash on hand

Always keep a cash on hand because during crisis the automated teller machine wont be in any use especially if the power is out.

  1. Shut off utilities

It would be safe if you know how to shut off the electricity, gas and water especially in crisis times to avoid more damage in your house or place. Also, if you evacuate in another place make sure to shut down the power supply in your house.

  1. Store your emergency supplies

When you evacuate, make sure to store your emergency supplies in a Tupperware and containers, so that if the local authority won’t be able to rescue you on time, you still have a supply in your bag.

  1. Always be ready

Always be ready during crisis, pack the things you needed the most and make sure that you are complete in your family before you evacuate. Always expect the unexpected!

I hope this helps you a lot! God bless everyone and stay safe always.

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