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Californian Woman Junked $200K Worth Original Apple I Computer

People oftentimes drop boxes of junks in the either a recycling shop or a junk shop after cleaning mess at home. Well, we better be mindful of the things we might think to be “junk” and not do an unfortunate mistake of selling something that might change our lives, like this Californian woman.

A Californian woman who just cleaned her garage after the death of her husband was said to have dropped boxes of electronic junks in Clean Bay Area, a recycling shop in California’s Silicon Valley. CBC News reported that the woman did not left any contact information. She did not even asked for a tax receipt, which made it hard for the company to contact her after discovering that one of the electronic items in the boxes was an Apple I computer. The Apple I was assuredly one of the 200 first generation computers assembled by the pioneers of personal computer – Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in 1976. The box was opened few weeks after the woman left the boxes of junks.

The workers who opened the box containing the Apple I computer were deeply astonished by the sight of the electronic “collector’s item”. Mr. Victor Gichun, the Vice President of Clean Bay Area said in an interview with KNTV-TV even said, “We really couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought it was fake,” reported The Independent on June 3, Wednesday.

The company sold the Apple I computer to a private collector for 200,000 dollars. Since the Clean Bay Area gives the original donor 50% of the revenue from the sold items, the Californian woman can claim her 100,000 dollars. Although the woman has not left any information about herself, the company is still confident that their personnel will recognize the woman.

Well, whoever that woman is, her life will surely change after the discovery of the worth of her “junk”.

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