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CarGel on GGV goes trending nationwide

CarGel on GGV goes trending nationwide (GGV Video) Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino barely guested on Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) to promote their upcoming movie Exes Baggage. Carlo and Angelica, known jointly as “CarGel,” first paired up on-screen in the hit teen TV show G-Mik nearly 20 years ago. The on-screen couple leaked over onto real life and the two were together by the time Angelica was 14.

However, as the 6 years of their relationship goes on, they chose to go on different paths and broke up. Last Sunday on GGV, Vice ganda asked what are the reasons of breaking up when they are almost near in what we call ‘7 years itch’. Angelica clarified that the first time, she only found out that Carlo was already cheating on her. The second time, Carlo broke it off unblemished because it turns out, that he had fallen in love with another actress, Maja Salvador. Carlo and Maja officially became a couple after he broke it off with Angelica but Carlo honestly admit that it was all his mistakes. He even said during his last interview with Vice that if their relationship happens when they were at the right age, maybe they are still a couple until now. On the other hand, Angelica strongly moved on with her life without planting hatred in her heart because she believes that she is not what she is now because of the pain she had in the past. Meanwhile, who expected that their roads crossed again? Is their a second chance? Are they really meant to be? Who knows. Love is everything.

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