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Cebu Spots – Astig Places

Philippines has its slogan ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines!’. In connection to that, being in the Philippines offers a lot of fun in many aspects. One of those aspects is the exquisite places that can be found in the said country. Many Filipinos are really into exploring things that can amaze their eyes and feel the moments. That’s why, Philippines is continuously enhancing what it already has and always looking forward to some more.

In this year, Cebu as the top Philippines tourist destination, never failed to provide amazing spots that can catch the attention of people. There are lots of choices. If you wanted to see an overlooking view, you can go to Marcos at Osmeña Peak where you can enjoy seeing the mountain view. Meanwhile if you wanted to go for beach, you can choose the recently opened Happy Beach where you can appreciate the cuteness of the said resort. If you wanted to go to historical place, you can choose Fort San Pedro. If you love flowers, you can go to Sirao Flower Garden or 10,000 roses. You can also do island hopping like in Virgin Island. If you want more adventure, you can try Kawasan-Badian Canyoneering. Other than that, there are a lot more! It’s just few of the proofs how amazing Philippines is, with such astig places!

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