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Chinese Authorities Confirmed First Discovered Case of Bubonic Plague


(CNN)- A case of plague has been confirmed in China’s Inner Mongolia region, leading the city on a high alert. On Tuesday, China confirmed a case of a disease that has persisted centuries after it caused the deadliest pandemic in human history – the bubonic plague

The case was first discovered in the city of Bayannur, located northwest of Beijing, according to state-run Xinhua news agency.

According to state reports, the Bayannur patient – a herdsman – is in quarantine and in a stable condition.

Bubonic plague can cause fever, headache, chills, and swollen and painful lymph nodes, called buboes, according to the CDC. This form of plague cannot be spread between people. But if left untreated, the disease may spread to the lungs and lead to pneumonic plague, the only form of plague that can spread from person to person, the CDC says.


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Dr. Michael Head, a senior research fellow of global health at the University of Southampton, said the case would “be of concern locally within Inner Mongolia.”

“However, it is not going to become a global threat as we have seen with Covid-19,” he added.

But while modern medicine can treat the plague, it has not eliminated it — and it has made a recent comeback, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to categorize it as a re-emerging disease.

The bubonic plague was once the world’s most feared disease, but can now be easily treated.

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