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Controversial Napoles List: Impatient Public on the Look-out

Napolist List

After the breaking news that Justice Sec. Leila De Lima already holds the controversial list by Janet Napoles of lawmakers involved in the Pork Barrel Scam, several groups urge the immediate disclosure of the alleged government officials involved the said bogus.

The public cannot help but get impatient and doubtful over the delayed revelation. To wait and sit around means to open the list for possible manipulation: exclusion and even inclusion of names.

Several groups are on the look-out to hasten the disclosure of the controversial list. Accordingly, to delay the disclosure is deprivation of the public’s right for information and as Navotas Representative and secretary general of United Nationalist Alliance said, delaying the disclosure of the list-affidavit will not only cast doubts on the integrity of the list but also indirectly labels every lawmaker/official a subject in the PDAF Scam.

De Lima’s Firm Response

Sec. De Lima takes a heavy reason for not yet revealing the controversial list. She pleads for the public’s trust—that she will neither sanitize nor manipulate the list. Hence, she said Napoles will also know if alterations have been made.

De Lima added that the list is backed up by documentary evidence to refrain irresponsible pin-pointing of names.

But still impatient public are not only on the look-out but will exhaust possible legal actions to claim access of Napoles’ list. Should the list remain undisclosed, diverse groups will not hesitate on staging a rally.

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