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“DARNA” – Liza Soberano Quits

Mars Ravelo “Darna” is one of the best fictional superheroes appearing in Filipino comics. Darna became very popular to Filipinos because of its amazing story. With that, Darna had several remakes with different leading stars. Few years ago, Darna fanatics had been looking forward to have another remake. To respond to that demand, Star Cinema of ABS-CBN Films company provided list of possible actresses to play the role of being Darna. As a result, Liza Soberano is the chosen one.

Soberano started her training months after she was chosen. However, she had an injury in her right index finger during the set of “Bagani”, her latest teleserye. At first, Soberano still continue preparing for Darna project but unfortunately, after the few surgeries done with her injured finger, her doctors advised to take care of her finger and as much as possible take it away from any infection like getting it from doing stunts and other stuffs. That’s why, Soberano decided to withdraw from the said project. Luckily, the management understood her condition and accepted her decision. Despite of what happened, the project will continue and the management is looking again for the best actress to take over the role as Darna.

Watch here the emotional interview of Liza Soberano:


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