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Paris Terrorist Attacks: A Reason for the World to Mourn

Paris has been one of almost everyone’s dream place to visit. It’s ambiance has been considered as one of the most ideal for vacations – the amazing lights, a walk in a streets, night parties and of course the most romantic place in the world, as said, the lovely Eiffel Tower. However, the fun-filled and light ambiance of Paris has just turned to a mourning place last Friday night, November 15. The world mourns as France turned its lights off after the Paris terrorist attacks.

The fun-filled cheers from the audience in a terrific football game between France and Germany held at a stadium in the French Capital, Paris on Friday night has turned unexpectedly into hysterical  cries of pain and horror just before the game ended. Another The sudden attack of terrorists has left the world at shock, mourning for the death of the French civilians.

Photo grab from: brigada.ph

Photo grab from: brigada.ph

According to the reports of The Wrap, around 153 individuals were killed upon the attack of guns and bombs attacks. Eighty of those were said to be immediate victims of the gunmen, who appeared during the sold-out concert of the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal, held at Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris France which housed 1,500 individuals, reported BBC News. The terrorists also took hostages before the police officers came to rescue. Four terrorists were killed by the officers, three of whom were armed with explosives, reported CNN.

Simultaneously people were also shot dead in five other restaurants and bars in locations in Paris, France leaving another 180 injured individuals, estimated. The attack sites were La Belle Equipe, Le Carillon Bar, Le Petit Cambodge Restaurant, La Casa Nostra Restaurant, and Stade de France.

Eyewitnesses of Paris terrorist attacks were left in horror after the very unlikely scenario that just happened, instead of the expected and much-awaited fun. “They didn’t stop firing. There was blood everywhere, corpses everywhere. We heard screaming. Everyone was trying to flee,” an radio presented named Pierre Janaszak said to Agence France Presses, reported by BBC News. Janaszak was an eyewitness of the assault in Bataclan Concert Hall.

Paris terrorist attacks has been the deadliest terrorist attack in France since the 2014 Madrid Bombings, and its government and people are left shocked, mourning for the doleful tragedy. Nonetheless, Paris France remains to stand firm. According to French President Francois Hollande, “France must be strong, and great. “The terrorists want us to be afraid, and there is reason to be afraid… Keep your confidence in our security forces to stop these terrorist attacks.” With Hollande’s leadership, the security forces of Paris France is tightened by shutting its borders and declaring a state of emergency.

Paris, France is supported by other states around the world in facing such crisis. United States (US) President stated his all-out support through his  address to the nation, saying, “We’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. It’s an attack not just on Paris, not just the people of France, but of all humanity and the universal values we share,” quoted by The Wrap. Obama expressed that the US is prepared and ready to provide assistance to the French Government whatever they need.

Aside US a lot of countries as well expressed support to the French government through prayers. Netizens expressed their reactions, opinions, and calls of justice for the death of the innocent civilians. Initiatives to help were done by many. In fact, a social networking site, Facebook is actually used as a mean of assuring that someone from France is safe by allowing their friends and relatives, or whoever the victims are presently with, to mark someone safe. This is a good avenue for relatives and friends of the French individuals and tourists in Paris France to know the safety of their concern.

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