Differently-abled Young Man Proved Nothing Is Impossible



In this world full of impossibilities, a differently-abled young man named Joseph A. Anggot from Ramon Magsaysay, Zamboanga del Sur proved to us that nothing is impossible. Joseph graduated at Western Mindanao State University External Studies Unit – Molave with a Bachelors Degree of Secondary Education Major in Math S.Y. 2018-2019. This young man has Bell’s palsy which is a temporary weakness or paralysis of the facial nerve known as the seventh cranial nerve. This nerve controls facial expressions, eyelid movement and the muscles of the forehead and neck. In Joseph’s case his left face is paralyze, disabling him to see directly with his left eye. But his disability didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a teacher.




Joseph’s post on social media has gone viral. As of now it reaches 158,000 reactions, 14,000 comments and is shared by 23,000 Facebook Users.

Joseph posted on his account a message of gratitude to his family and friends who supported him in attaining his college education.


“Hindi hadlang ang aking kapansanan tungo sa aking pangarap. To my Papa na sumasalangit na, my Mama, 3 ko pang kapatid, sa 10 kong Pamangkin, mga kaibigan at sa mga Kapamilya at Kapuso na patuloy na sumubaybay  ito lang po ang aking regalo sa inyo  Maraming salamat po ”


Indeed, Joseph has become an inspiration to both the Person With Disabilities and to everyone who is able to do anything but are afraid to try. He proved that disability should not be taken as an embarassment but as a challenge that can help a person move forward and become a successful and productive citizen if you just believe on yourself and what you are able to do.

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