E-Hailing Taxi Smartphone Applications

Getting a taxi in the middle of a busy road, after a full-packed concert, during a heavy rain or whatever chaotic situation you can imagine will no longer be that hard to do. Thanks to e-hailing taxi smartphone applications, getting taxicabs now is just a few taps from our smartphones.

As of this year 2014, four applications are circulating in the Philippines offering their best service to solve Filipinos’ woes over taxicabs problem. If you have your smartphone with you, you should check these out.

Easy Taxi 

Founded in Brazil on 2011, this application lets the users to book and track a taxi in real time. It’s a fast-growing application as it covers three (3) cities per month from different countries. This app can be used on Android, iOS, Balckberry, Samsung Apps and Windows Phone. This application is free for some countries, apart from the Philippines and Thailand where you have to add some additional fees. It caters Metro Manila and Cebu City users. There is no need for credit cards or PayPal account required upon signing up.


 It is also known as MyTeksi in Malaysia and is also the first e-hailing application to launch in the Philippines. Whatever the country is, this application works with the existing taxi system it is operating in. Its prices are reasonable and affordable compared to other e-hailing applications. It also caters to Metro Manila and Cebu City users and like Easy Taxi, you don’t need any credit cards or PayPal to sign up. It can also be used on Android, iOS, Balckberry, and Windows Phone.


This application is new in the industry with only a year of existence and operating only in the Philippines. This was founded by Mr. Michael Ngo Dee whose goal was to eliminate the problem of commuting in Manila. Unlike the first two apps, Tripid lets you share a cab with someone else hence was called a route-sharing app. The app is free for Android, Blackberry and iOS. Needs more personal information upon signing up so as to ensure the safety of the passengers and it requires Tripid credits. You can either share your car for a ride or ride with other passengers with the same route as yours. This accommodates users from Metro Manila and other cities nearby.


Existed way back in 2009 in San Francisco wherein full-sized luxury cars were offered for hire. This app way back then was fit for formal events. As of today it is available in over 45 countries. In 2012, they have launched the UberX program that extended its service to anyone as long as they pass the qualifications. They also gained the title “UberBlack” as they only use black cars of any kind. The application is free for Android, Blackberry and iOS. For this one, you will be needing a credit card or PayPal and serves the Metro Manila and Cebu City users.

It may be a bit expensive over normal passing taxicabs around but the service they offer, the comfort you get and the safety you will have are just priceless things that you can’t afford to lose. Have a good one!

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