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Edward, Kisses and Maymay Stand on PBB Teen’s Three Lucky Suns!

PBB Three Lucky Suns

Photo Credits to: abscbnpr.com

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Lucky 7 Teen Edition is one of the county’s trending reality shows. Especially that this season’s housemates were all teens, teenagers around the country were all keen on seeing who among the housemates would stand out and win PBB’s three lucky suns. Being active on social media and voting during nominations are only two of the things that hype the competition.

The first to grab the slot in PBB’s three lucky suns was the seventeen-year-old Edward Barber after his victory in the Big Jump Challenge. His very own sister, Laura Barber, helped him through the challenge. His opponents were Christian Morones and Yong Mujahil who also did the challenge together with their mother and aunt, respectively. Edward impressed the public and his own family after he first surrendered his flag to do the Big Jump Challenge in order to help the other housemates with a difficult task. Howbeit, “The Cheerful Charmer ng Germany” was still able to get the flag again after winning in another challenge.

The remaining 2 slots of PBB’s three lucky suns were vied through text votes from the viewers of the show, and after the first round of power voting, Kisses Delavin won the second lucky sun. “The Miracle Daughter of Masbate” got the highest number of votes from the public with 48.53%, reported Zeibiz. Her charm and innocent, loving heart are only two of the characteristics that made her shine during the entire show. Indeed, the young “Beauty Queen” was not only beautiful, but beautiful with a heart.

The last but not the least to stand on the third slot of PBB’s three lucky suns was Marydale “Maymay” Entrata. She was dubbed as Cagayan de Oro’s Wacky Go Lucky for being such a jolly teen. She brought a light and positive vibe to the PBB House. She even showed her talent not only in making other people laugh, but as well as making people feel romantic excitement after she sang her very own composition, “Baliw” with Edward Barber.

After going through all the challenges, the housemates have proven their worth and the people have made their decision. The three lucky teens that stand on PBB’s three lucky suns are yet to explore not only the show business, but also their capability to become role models to their fellow youth.

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