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El Gamma Penumbra: Three Leaps toward Victory, Fame, and Glory

Just like any other youngsters, the members of El Gamma Penumbra, the pride of Batangas, Philippines who were awarded as first winner of Asia’s Got Talent, once dreamed to shine with the stars that seem to be out of their reach. Now, they shine so brightly that they inspire other people to focus on becoming the stars they want to be in spite of the circumstances and failures. Their glow is flourished by hard work, perseverance, and fortitude.


Even before the group was recognized as an official participant of the prestigious competition, Asia’s Got Talent, every member has taken single steps for the completion of their journey. Consequently, upon reaching the avenue of worldwide recognition and once-in-a-lifetime chance, the group seized the moment and took three big leaps which led them to having the spotlight focused just on them.

From performing in different local competitions, El Gamma Penumbra took a leap in showcasing a heart-warming performance to the international audience. Their first performance in the said competition which featured different cultures in the world brought Anggun, one of the judges, to tears. Amazingly, Anggun herself pressed the golden button which brought the group immediately to the semi-finals. Moreover, the said performance was described by David Foster, another judge, to be “magical”.

Their performance during the semi-finals that portrayed the situation of the victims of war, again, emotionally touched Anggun. It emphasized their advocacy for peace. In awe of their presentation, the judges pressed the golden buzzer. Thus, they were directly granted a slot for the finals.

With favor from the heavens, El Gamma Penumbra gave everything they have got for their last leap in the final round of the competition. In tune with “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas, an animated Disney Movie, the shadow performers once again amazed the whole world as they gave tribute to the environment. This performance garnered the most votes from the audience which was the basis of the declaration of winner.

Being the talk of almost everybody, El Gamma Penumbra has become a living testimony of fortitude in realizing every dream. Indeed, the young individuals have become inspirations not only to the Filipinos but also to everyone who was able to grasp the messages they tried to impart. This ability makes them noble performers.

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