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Ex-Transgendered Woman Vin Santiago Says Hello to Life as a Man

As the society accepts and condones the existence of homosexuals, the number of people who undergo operation to change their gender increases. They are called ‘transgender individuals’. Common reasons why some engage themselves in this change is their desire to be accepted, to belong, and to be the person they once wanted to be. Fulfillment and happiness are two expected things felt by transgender people after having what they long.

However, at the belief of a total fulfillment, something unexpected could still happen. The first Filipino transgender, Vin Santiago, continues to make history as he reveals himself as a ‘He’ again after years of being a transgender.

Vin’s desire to be a female was granted when he underwent a surgery to alter his gender at the age of 24. Even before his operation, Vin had worked as an entertainer in a club called Coco Banana. He also often joined beauty pageants and wore bikini, hiding his male genital. With the confidence he gained as an entertainer, it was never too hard for him to bring home the crowns.

Just like any other homosexual, Vin also experienced being bullied and felt hated at his childhood. He was even sexually molested by his older cousin who eventually became his first love, as stated by The Rain in Spain. Since then, the thought of himself being a woman seeded in his young mind, thus, leading him to find fulfillment in creating a female image of himself.

It was in Japan where he started engaging himself in operational changes of his physical appearance. He continued being an entertainer while noticing the development of female features in his body. After the successful surgery, another turn of his life was his marriage with Steve Robinson. They then settled in England.

However, after five years, Vin sadly found himself crying at night with his empty heart. Not until he viewed a television show 700 Club did he realized what was lacking with him. With the urge to find completion of his personality, he committed himself to Born-Again Christian Faith. Although his marriage with Steve broke, he still found purpose of letting other people know his faith.

Vin is now active in testifying his life-changing story to other people. He also counsels homosexuals, encouraging them that “it is better to let it out in the open for a better chance of resolving the issue, rather than boxing it in.”

Although he can never have his original sex organs back, he still did not regret his past decisions, for those things remind him of what his life has been which strengthens his faith, as well. “We should not doubt what God has allowed us to become because this has a reason,” he said.

Vin’s Life has become an inspiration and a living testimony of how changes could shape one’s destiny. With thousands of followers in social networking sites, Vin Santiago continues to make history from being the first Pinoy transgender to being the first known transgender who chose to be a male pastor.


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