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Female Organ Sculpture Replaces Roman God Statues


A huge female organ sculpture of what seem to be ‘queen’s sex organ’ was displayed in the most celebrated formal garden of Versailles Palace, now termed ‘Dirty Corner’. The Versailles Palace was the home of the queen of France in the 18th century, Marie Antoinette.

The gigantic statue of a 60-metre long rusty metal funnel, surrounded by rocks, looking like a female organ sculpture was made by the British sculptor Anish Kapoor. According to Kapoor, his artwork connoted the female organ of the queen coming into power, but also said that it was open for different interpretations, reported BBC News.

Although the ‘Dirty Corner’ is not yet open for the public, a lot of criticisms have been expressed by those who already saw. According to The Independent, French royalists found the remark to be insulting to the memory of the late queen. Moreover, some said that the presence of his sculpture among the different statues in the garden was a disgrace to the history of France.

Tourists and bloggers even expressed their protest against the display of the said structure as it disputes family values. In BBC News, an interviewed tourist said, “When you think you’re coming to Versailles you’d expect like classic French, maybe a big statue of some Roman god but this just seems dirty, gross.” The Front National mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard, even tweeted, “Giant vagina. Contemporary art continues to disfigure our heritage.”

Despite the controversy and unfavorable comments about his work, Kapoor admits that his work was indeed provocative. Along with, according to Mail Online, he gave praise to the leaders of the Versailles Palace for being brave and generous enough to display his work.


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