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Former One Direction Zayn Malik New Cover Solo Leaks Online

One Direction is an English-Irish pop boy band consist of five members namely; Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. They competed on the seventh season of The X Factor in the UK and finished third place in 2010. Together with Simon Cowell, one of the judges of the said show, signed the record label Syco Records. The group became the most popular boy bands in the music history. But then a shocking news that made the fans cried in agony.

In March 2015, Zayn Malik decided to leave the group. Many hearts were crushed and poured their sentiments in the social media sites. Speculations arise and some concluded that he will be going solo. Everyone has been on his tails on what will be his next move after leaving the group.

Zayn Malik was born Zain Javaad Malik on January 12, 1993, in Bradford, England. He was born to an English Mother and a British Pakistani father.

In 2010, a reality- television contest The X-Factor was aired for its seventh season, 17 –year-old Zayn auditioned and was accepted to the next round. Unfortunately, he was eliminated before the final round but the judges Nicole and Simon Cowell grouped him with fellow contestant Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall.

The One Direction topped the pop music charts with their singles and albums became the best-seller in UK.

And now fans went “ga-ga” when his solo cover of “No Type by Rae Sremmurd” was leaked by Rapper MIC Righteous, which he claims it features former 1D Zayn’s voice. The song first appeared on SoundCloud on June 15, Monday afternoon and was quickly removed but People Magazine confirmed that it was indeed Zayn Malik. It was said a few months ago, a snippet of the song appeared on Vine. The 22 year old singer has allegedly been working with music producer Naughty Boy since he left the One Direction

However, claimed MIC Righteous stole the unfinished song but the rapper insisted he had not stolen the track, reported Metro.

The DJ asked the fans to wait for the real one. He tweeted that it was nothing to do with him or Zayn that it was stolen from the hard drive and nothing to do with the rapper involved, reported Mirror.

Though MIC Righteous believes the opposite,

“Lol @NaughtyBoyMusic tell the truth shah. We recorded them bars in our studio months ago… Bout ‘stolen hard drive'”.

Righteous re-uploaded it after it was removed, insisting he does not have to keep the label happy and was making the song known to public for Malik’s sake for he is not allowed to release music for two years.

Meanwhile, Zayn recently stunned everyone by dying his hair Green. Though music is still his top priority he is also keen to get into the world of fashion.

A source said that “Zayn has always been very creative and introverted. He tried out various looks and styles during his time in One Direction, which has led to interest from top fashion houses,” according to Food world news.


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