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Countdown for Big Bang Group’s Visit to Philippines

One of the teenage dreams in this generation is seeing, or just having a glance of the celebrities they admire. Aside from local and Hollywood celebrities, Korean icons have undeniably captured the interest of...

Smallest guitar ever

The FretPen Smallest guitar ever

We’ve known the guitar as a simple stringed instrument held by two hands to create a wonderful tune. That simple and standard guitar then evolved into different types, from simple wood to electric guitars....

Facebook safety check

Facebook Safety Check

Several typhoons visit Philippines each year and Filipinos inside and outside of the country would always want to know if their loved ones area safe or to inform them that they are fine. Knowing...

Tips to get ready for Back to School

4 Tips to get ready for Back to School 2015

Only few days more and the savored vacation will end. School days are nigh and everyone surely needs tips on how to spend less for school supplies after the extravagant summer vacation. So, Mommies,...