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The finest Pineapples is in Mindanao

The Philippines Finest Pineapples

Long before the ravished of disease to the pineapple fields of Hawaii came out to the beginning of seeds life in Philippines who’ve survived its journey from a rotten farm to a new life....

Turmeric Drink

Turmeric Power Drink

Everybody has their own sets of New Year’s resolutions. From trimming their body weights, starting a new hobby and so on and so forth. In majorities’ resolution, having a good health will never miss...

Vhong Navarro

Vhong Navarro vs Deniece and Cedric Lee

Vhong Navarro is a famous artist. He started from being a member of streetboys-a dance trope until then he entered the showbiz industry. Recently, he’s a regular host of Showtime in ABS-CBN. Everything was...

Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda Removes Make-up to Oppose Bullying

Teenage is said to be the most crucial stage of a person. This is when he learns to make decisions, to face consequences, and to face the world he is in. However, no matter...