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Kagay-Anon Suspected MERS-COV Case; CDO is at risk?

Last February 3, 2016, a text message has become viral issue of everyone that a Kagay-anon suspected MERS-COV. The text message is all about a patient who has been diagnosed of having a MERS-...

Tips on how stay awake

9 Tips on How to Stay Awake

What Sleep? Sleep deprivation is a common adversity experienced by working individuals. With so many things to do nowadays, the advisable 7-8 hours of sleep is almost reduced to 4-6 hours which is not...

hes fluffy

She’s dating a Chubster!

Ladies, we surely appreciate the appeal of a sylphlike, trim men have packed on the pounds. But… Have you considered in dating a little extra bigger than your usual taste of a guy? Here’s...


The Worlds Oldest Man In Guinness Book of Records

In our current generation, our lifespan has been already short. That is why we will say that life is too short. It is because we cannot live a hundred year old unlike before during...


Grace Poe Residency Issue

Though, Sen. Grace Poe has not decided to run being a President or Vice-President of the Philippines yet, she’s now facing a lot of controversy regarding her residency in the Philippines. The life of...

Michael Christian Martinez

Lone Filipino skater in Sochi Olympics

  Even before, Filipinos really excel in different areas of competition, whether it be arts or sports – Filipinos have these distinct characteristics which made us proud to be one. This year, the only...