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Haze and Health Effects

It’s always been in the news that haze has a bad impact to our health. Well, an ounce of prevention is always much better than an ounce of cure. The more we safeguard ourselves...

Tips to get ready for Back to School

4 Tips to get ready for Back to School 2015

Only few days more and the savored vacation will end. School days are nigh and everyone surely needs tips on how to spend less for school supplies after the extravagant summer vacation. So, Mommies,...


The Worlds Oldest Man In Guinness Book of Records

In our current generation, our lifespan has been already short. That is why we will say that life is too short. It is because we cannot live a hundred year old unlike before during...


PH Ranks 6th in 2015 SEA Games

The Southeast Asian (SEA) games, a multi-sport event participated by 11 countries including the Philippines, has been one of the most thrilling sports events in the continent. Each year, the country and its athletes...