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Galvarino – the greatest warrior of all time

For this month, let’s talk about the greatest warrior who lived in Chile, Galvarino. In the Philippines, Lapu-Lapu defended the island but easily defeated by the Spanish force under the command of Ferdinand Magellan, who was killed in battle. There, Galvarino and Lapu-Lapu has a similarities defending over Spaniards. But for me, the badass and the greatest warrior of all time is Galvarino.

Galvarino was a warrior of the Mupache tribe, part of the Arauco War which was fought between the Mupache people and the Spaniards that spanned over a period of hundreds of years. He fought in the first great Mapache rebellion which started in 1553, but he was defeated and taken prisoner by governor Garcia Mendoza along with 150 other Mupache. As punishment, some of the prisoners were mutilated in Galvarino cased he had his hands cut off. The prisoners were released and sent back to the Mupache tribe as a warning. But Galvarino’s mindset is to take revenge and defend his land. He returned to his leaders and demanded justice by going a war against the Spaniards. Galvarino fastened to knives to his mutilated wrist replacing both hands.

In their second attack, Galvarino met governor Mendoza at the Battle of Millarapue. As a batte raged, Galvarino made his way through his enemies till he met with a second in command to Mendoza’s Army and defeated the second in command. Because the Spanish force overpowered the Mupache tribe, Galvarino was captured again including 800 Mupache people who fought with him. Mendoza learn his lesson and ordered to execute Galvarino by being thrown to the dogs. The ending warrior’s great conquest, astig!

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