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Giant Underwater Creature Found in Philippines

Diving is one of the most refreshing and bewildering adventures. Seeing and moving with underwater creatures is just so fantastic! Corals and sunken stuffs that make history are as well exciting to see. There are a lot of things the ocean houses that may surprise everyone.

 In a video that went viral in Youtube, uploaded by Ryan Carpenter, a strange gigantic creature was documented by some divers who never knew what the creature really was. It was under the ocean of Ticao Island in the Philippines.

Since the divers could not identify the said creature by themselves, netizens gave their speculations of what it actually was.

Some claimed it to be a pyrosome. A Pyrosome is a colony of very tiny creatures called zooids. It is commonly cylindrical in shape which may reach meters in length. The gelatinous tunic that embeds every zooid adheres them to form a gigantic colony that looks like a gummy worm. According to Epic Wildlife, since these small creatures have the same tissues, they are capable of cloning themselves. This colony is oftentimes found in the upper layers of the warm oceans, and are not really threat to humans.

However, a marine biologist named Rebecca Helm from Brown University said that the creature in Carpenter’s video could have been just an egg case of a diamond-shaped squid and not a pyrosome, reported Green. She said, “My professional opinion? This video is not of a pyrosome.”

Nonetheless, Helm still found it fantastic. “If anything, this is more exciting. These egg masses are incredibly rare. … If I were there I would have been screaming with joy through my regulator.” She initially wrote on Youtube that her basis of judgment was the movement of the creature.

Whatever, the said creature really was, either a pyrosome or an egg case of the squid, underwater adventure remains a very exciting activity that features breathtaking beauty of the nature. Well, you might as well dive and see for yourselves the real the difference between a pyrosome and a diamond-shaped squid’s egg case.




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