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“Golden Girl” Gerphil Geraldine Flores and Her Unlikely Journey

Who says that failure is the end of the game? Failure is a necessary part of life, and success is not the absence of it but one’s ability to rise above it.



She once failed to win a competition, but she did not allow this to discourage her from pursuing her dreams. She picked herself up and moved on. It was not easy. Dealing with failure has never been easy, yet she decided not to quit. She continued to sing and the world listened in sheer admiration.

Filipino classical singer Gerphil Geraldine Flores once auditioned in Pilipinas Got Talent and advanced to the semifinals. The competition was fierce, and despite her best efforts she failed to make it.

Determined to give it another shot, she mustered all the courage she could find and set out for another journey to reaching what she’s always wanted, to become a renowned classic singer. She auditioned for the prestigious Asia’s Got Talent and what happened next surprised the audience and the judges.

She was feeling more nervous. That was it. The time she had been preparing herself for finally came. She opened her mouth and started singing “Speak Softly, Love”—a tribute from the movie “God Father.” First, there was an awkward silence. She went on. Her voice enthralled her listeners. They were listening in awe and in a little while gave a loud cheer for the girl whose voice is nothing but ethereal.

The performance earned her a standing ovation. The judges thought her performance was spectacular. Even the 13-time Grammy winning composer David Foster was impressed by her raw talent. The amazed Foster pressed the “Golden Buzzer,” sending her straight to the semifinals.

“You certainly did not disappoint anybody in this room. It was really a solid performance. And your pitch is great, and I hate people who sing out of tune. You sang really in tune. Good going” said Foster.

The other judges also expressed their admiration to the young singer. Taiwanese-American Pop Idol said that her voice is “great.” Melanie C, a former Spice Girl, and Indonesian Rock icon Anggun described her voice as “lovely” and “beautiful”.

It was a dream come true for the Filipina singer. She could not contain her happiness as she listened to the cheer of the crowd and the praises from the judges. Her, mother was also there, watching her daughter with pride and in tears.

Today, she is known as the “Golden Girl.” Her story is a strong testament of the power of perseverance. She believed in her gift and decided to share it to the world. These are the very qualities that may just make her the first Asia’s Got Talent winner.

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