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Spread your kindness like the Hainan Airlines Flight Attendant

Fan Xuesong, the Hainan airlines flight attendant, did to the passenger who has been paralyzed because he has suffered from the stroke for two years and unable to clutch a spoon reported by the Mirror

An act of kindness gradually makes a great difference. It may be little or big. It may be shown publicly or privately.  It may take popularity or not. It may be recognized or not.  It may be in kinds or services. It may be for a short period of time or long period of time. Whatever is the result of the kindness; it can go a long way. If you help others in one of their most difficult times, the gratefulness for the ones who help will be remembered and already embedded in the long term memory of the ones who has been helped. If you plant a good seed in a very fertile soil, you can harvest a good fruit. It is because the goodness of the heart can always be rewarded, it is something you have never expected it. 


Photo grabbed from:  http://www.eastbuzz.com/2015/12/11/the-flight-attendant-knelt-to-feed-the-elderly-moved-by-tears-was-posed-hna/

The Hainan airlines flight attendant brought the disabled man to tears by feeding him on a flight. The flight is from Zhengzhou to Hainan in South China. Kind-hearted Fan Xuesong knelt down and fed the 71-year-old man named Mr. Niu. Her act of kindness has been become viral in the Chinese social media which gain popularity around the globe. But, Fan has still remained humble and kind. And she said “Mr. Niu worked hard all his life and contributed to society; we should be kind to him”, in a report of Stuff.

Ms. Fan, the Hainan airlines flight attendant, may take a lot of patience in feeding Mr. Niu since his wife was not able to set next to him. But, she never asked anything to return the kindness of what she did to the passenger. Thus, it only proves that an act of kindness, may be simple or hard, has made a great difference. If you care for someone who has been suffered from any pain, difficulty, and hardship in their lives, the person who has been helped will truly treasure your kindness. Also, it makes them feel that someone has still care for them and never treat them as burden.

It is because we will never know that one of us may be needing help for someone in one day. So, we should spread an act of kindness not to be appreciated but to be a good role model that kindness is instilled to our heart and we just need to do it with a pureness of our intention. Let’s spread kindness like what the Hainan airlines flight attendant did to passenger who really needs help.

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