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The Star Cinema movie, A Second Chance Now the Highest Grossing Filipino Film

“A Second Chance” achieved Highest Grossing Filipino Film  in just 10 days of showing in a report of the Summit Express.

Most Filipinos cannot be denied as romantic ones. We want our love stories to always have happy endings. The happy ending can make us define that a love story is a very good or great story. We never want an unhappy ending. An unhappy ending makes us feel sad about the story. Or, if the ending is not what we have expected it, we want another story. It is the same with the love story between Popoy and Basha that started in “One More Chance”, a certified block buster movie in 2007. Now, their story has another sequel in the movie of A Second Chance which is considered now the highest grossing Filipino film. Even if it is not an entry for MMFF, it breaks a record of other top grossing films such as “Starting Over Again”, a record holder of non MMFF entry, which passed the P400-million mark after a month in local cinemas.


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According to the Philippine News, the newest movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo titled “A Second Chance”, the local non-Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry earns P442 Million now the Highest Grossing Filipino Film of all time. The announcement of the box office income was announced during a victory party for the cast and crew of the movie. Based upon the Philippine cinema history, the record for the highest grossing Filipino Film of all time was achieved by the 2014 MMFF entry movie, “The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin.” The comedy flick passed the P456 million box office income marks within 22 days of showing nationwide.

As what Star Cinema- ABS-CBN’s herald, “A Second Chance” has been declared as the highest-grossing Filipino Film in just three weeks of tills even it is non-Metro Manila Film Festival Filipino movie. “A Second Chance” has grossed P442 million in the box office, as announced during the victory party held last December 9. The whole cast, crew, and creative force behind the movie are nothing short of thankful for the success that “A Second Chance” has received. The said movie also held a successful movie showing in different parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom and other major cities in the world except in Singapore and Hong Kong.

A Second Chance is a movie that has only proved that a love is lovelier for the second time around. Look, its income has become lovelier for the second time around since it is now considered as the highest- grossing Filipino film. But, it is also proved that there are lot of shortcomings of your partner that you need to accept because when you marry a person, it means that you also have accepted the fact that you and your partner will always have imperfections. These imperfections don’t need to be neglected but it needs to be worked out. A married couple needs to be aware of the problem together because the problem happened in a marriage life needs not to be faced alone. It needs to be faced together because a couple may get strength from each other. We always need to give and receive the second chance since everyone has always deserved another chance not to bring back the failure but to make a brand new start in career, in love, and in life. We cannot bring back the past since it is irrevocable and inevitable but we can always have a positive outlook in life for the future. And we should welcome the brighter future with open arms.

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