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Implications of Pres. Obama Philippine State Visit

Certainly Pres. Obama’s visit remarks positive and strong ties between the Philippines and the US.

Given arrival honors, Pres. Obama was welcomed by warm and dignified officials and leaders of the country headed by Pres. Benigno Aquino III.

Historically, the relationship of these two countries has been strengthened by adversities and challenges of time. Thus today, a strong bond will be made even stronger. Evidence to that is Pres. Obama’s state visit. His time speaks so much of his positive views for the Philippines.

Several implications may arise after this two-day visit. Moreover, the agreements that could possibly get solidified upon signing may imply greater trust and greater plans for the Philippines.

Earlier today the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement), an agreement on rotational military presence, humanitarian relief, has been signed. The negotiation has said to take over 9 months to finally have been made final and official.

What are the implications of this agreement and the overall impact of Pres. Obama’s visit? Simply put it, whether this happening welcomes different responses, it is hoped that the two countries are aggressive about defense strengthening and a strengthened foreign relationships.

Regarding the rumored US & Philippine‘s commitment on Chin disputes, Obama clarified that their country is not after helping the Philippines push through coercion nor intimidation; that they did not have plans of containing or planning counter actions against China.

Nonetheless, if things are viewed transparently, the two countries will be working hand in hand for defense security, Typhoon Yolanda victims (Haiyan), and countries economic growth.  Quoting Pres. Aquino, all the support and agreement imply “a relationship that is modern, mature, and forward-looking, and one that allows us to surpass challenges, towards the benefit of our peoples, the entire region, and the world.”

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