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Indonesian Air traffic controller Anthonius Agung sacrifices himself so plane can take off

Anthonius Gunawan Agung sacrificed his life to save hundreds of people in Indonesia during the earthquake and tsunami. Agung 21 years old, worked at Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport on the island of Sulawesi. When the 7.5 magnitude quake striked on, he was in the control tower. Agung fellow aircraft controllers had run for their lives when the controller tower started to crumble and walls started to crack, but Mr Agung stayed to make sure Batik Air Flight 6321, which was on the runway at the time, took off safely. Moreover, the plane had lifted off safely into the air, Agung struggled to escape the increasingly dangerous tower by jumping from the fourth floor. Agung broke his leg and suffered internal injuries due to the impact as he fell. Finally, hurried to hospital and there were plans to airlift him to a greater hospital for emergency treatment, but he died before a helicopter could reach him.

Captain Mafella was piloting carefully escaped the earthquake and tsunami which has devastated Palu in Indonesia. Captain Mafella believes Agung may have saved his life and those of his passengers. He has described him as a “guardian angel”. Agong was a hero sacrifices himself so the plane can safely take-off saving hundreds of lives.

the waves Mr Mafella saw from his plane

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