Iron Man of Bali, Indonesia: Wayan Sumardana

He clarified promote, “For instance, I mean to move this part. Are all piece of this movement, however relying upon our necessities. On the off chance that the instrument is not dynamic, my hand quietly adheres to the body. The procedure works like a dynamo; if there is an alternate route, it stays calm yet spends more vitality,” ( Viral Express )


Photo Credits to News – IDN Times

Who would have thought that you can create such technology from scrap? Unbelievable, isnt it?

And who would have thought that the one who create such a wonderful creation is actually have had a stroke? You won’t believe it but the guy named Wayan Sumardana did it.


Photo credits to BBC

WAYAN SUMARDANA, a 31 years old man from Bali did a favor to himself by creating a Robot Arm in his workshop in the town of Nyul Tebel in the Karangasem Rule. Wayan endured a six months stroke and deadened his left arm and hand.

He make this Bionic arm through Garbage and named it as “neurotransmitter-head band”. It sends signals from his make a beeline for his robot arm. Wayan said that his creation is like a lie indicator, he also indicated that there were cathode join to his scalp whose capacities were to take little flags from the head. For instance, he wants to do something, automatically his brain sends signal to the device.

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His work is in fact a motivation for some who had a same problem like him.

Even the researchers keep on scratching their heads and wondering how would a man who lost his arm made a wonderful creation out of Garbage.

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