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World’s terrorism is not anymore a new issue to all of us. It has been started long time ago that one country wants to dominate in the other countries. It is the same with the issue of Jakarta Terrorist Attacks. It’s been reported by The Telegraph that Jakarta has been attacked by the militant group. And the claim of these attacks go to ISIS.


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The incident like the Jakarta Terrorist Attacks should not be tolerated. It is another act of violence because the information given by the NDTV. They have mentioned that five terrorists executed what the police said were Paris-style attacks as they detonated explosives and shot at people in a crowded area of Jakarta close to the presidential palace, UN offices and malls. The attack left two dead and at least 20 injured. Police said the five attackers included three suicide bombers who initially targeted a Starbucks near a popular shopping mall. After the first blast, armed men reportedly took two men hostage. The police said one man was wounded and escaped but the second man was shot dead. Another man who tried to help the two was also killed. The attackers allegedly entered the city on motorcycles, armed with guns and explosives. After the blasts, hundreds of policemen and armored tanks moved into the area.

The Daily Mail has detailed everything happen in these attacks. Five attackers and two civilians were killed in the attack, while two of the militants were taken alive, police said. Twenty people, including a Dutch man, were wounded. Police finally declared the area near the Sarinah shopping mall secure five hours after the major downtown street – not far from the presidential palace and the U.S. Embassy – had turned into a battleground.  

Indeed, the Jakarta Terrorist Attacks has been considered as one of the most brutal crimes happens in history. It is very the same that happen in Paris last year. ISIS has been defined as Islamic State in Syria. Well, who are these people behind in this group? Are they really Muslims? Or are they just claiming to be Muslims to create another faux pas?  It is purely very un- Islamic and it is very against in Islam teachings to kill the innocents without valid reasons. Also, suicide is considered as one of the most intolerable acts in Islam So, it is not fair to put the blames in Islam. It is because we really don’t know who are the behinds in this terrorist groups. Islam is all about peace. The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word “Salaam” means peace.  Extremist people are not already in the backyard of Islam. Let’s stop the world’s terrorism by opening our minds. Let’s not make any judgment without knowing the truths.


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