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JC Santos breakups with his girlfriend

JC Santos and his girlfriend Joan Kristin “Teetin” Villanueva started dating way back in 2016. But earlier this week, Santos’ girlfriend had comments on Instagram which implied that both of them decided to end their relationship after four years that they have been together.

The attention of the netizens was caught on after Teetin posted a black image on Instagram with the words, “Time discovers truth.” All who saw it directly jumped to the conclusion that she had broken things off with Santos. Teetin rejected those what others said which is they hope that they will get back together. Teetin even describes Santos as a man who “can’t be trusted.”

Santos breaks his silence about the issue. During the show “Tonight with Abunda” aired on January 16, 2018, Santos shared his side and he even gave a message to Teetin.

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