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Kagay-Anon Suspected MERS-COV Case; CDO is at risk?

Last February 3, 2016, a text message has become viral issue of everyone that a Kagay-anon suspected MERS-COV.


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The text message is all about a patient who has been diagnosed of having a MERS- COV or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus. The text message has been received with a shocking expression. Others have treated this seriously and become much more concerned on their health status. It has shown that they have gotten the text message seriously by using right away a face mask in protecting them from this airborne disease. After spreading the text message as a bomb, others have been worried about this issue because our health facility might not yet ready to treat this disease. Also, we are not sure if our immune system can protect us from this deadly virus. So, we need to be prepared from this issue whether it is true or not.

The Sunstar Cagayan de Oro reported that a patient suspected to be infected with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus (MERS-COV) is being monitored at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) in Cagayan de Oro City. Dr. Peter Quiaiot, NMMC officer in charge, said the patient, whose personal information was kept confidential, arrived in the hospital on Wednesday. The patient was reportedly admitted to a private hospital on Tuesday afternoon, February 2 and transferred to NMMC the following morning. Quiaoit said before the patient arrived, the hospital already secured the area from the entry of the patient to the patient’s isolated location.

Furthermore, the Kagay-anon suspected MERS-COV, a patient was said to living in the outskirts of Cagayan de Oro having history on traveling abroad and is an OFW. But Quiaiot couldn’t tell where the patient came from abroad. NMMC is one of the specific hospitals that can manage MERS-COV cases with the help of DOH. And should the results confirm that the patient is carrying the disease, the hospital is ready to give treatment to the patient. It is based on the reported by All About Cagayan de Oro.

This text message that a Kagay-anon suspected MERS-COV should not be the reason to make us panic but it only needs to concern us that we really need to stay healthy by eating the right food, having an exercise, having a good sleeping habit, and being free from the stressful thoughts. By doing this, it is not a guarantee that we cannot be infected of this airborne disease but being healthy person can boost our immune system to fight the disease that can make us sick or worst that can make us infected of any disease. Besides, being healthy person can make us a happy person so we need to be healthy so that we can perform our roles in the best way we can.


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