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Kara Mia – Netizens’ Reactions

As many people know, GMA Network has been providing teleserye series that aims to catch the attention of the viewers. One of the strategies that the said network is following up until now is formulating unique stories and have all the best ideas/concepts for it.

Recently, the aforementioned network launched its new teleserye entitled ‘Kara Mia’ which will be aired every night. The story mainly involves two sisters, Kara which is played by Barbie Forteza and Mia which is played by Mika Delacruz. The faces of the Kara and Mia are joined in one body. Kara in the front while Mia in the back. When they grow older, they will find out a way on how to separate their faces since their is a story behind what happened to them.

Netizens, people in the internet, quickly reacted on the new teleserye as what is expected. Because of the unique story, netizens got different reactions. There are even who made fun of it like creating a ‘Memes’ or jokes. It only shows how active netizens are in this kind of stuff. The following are some of their reactions:


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