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Komekeros Ryan Remz and Crazy Duo Gain Fans After Several Performances

Filipinos has been known for being carefree, easygoing and cheerful people. Even in times of difficulties and calamities, being optimistic through seeing the good in every situation still prevails; no wonder, the Philippines has become the home of comedians.

Comedy is one of the most habitual form of entertainment not only in show business, but in every place where the crowds usually acquaint. Most people often spend their leisure time in comedy bars especially during weekends where comedians could amuse them, allowing them to just relax and forget the world outside. For many, staying in comedy bars is the best way to unwind in just one night.

Comedians not only value the money they gain through making people laugh, but more importantly, the joy they are able to impart to their audience. Opportunities in show business is always open for every comedian as they are able to instantly win the hearts of their fans. Among the many, participants of the ‘Funny One’, a segment of a noontime show, Showtime, are now trailing their way to fame.

Comedians or Komekeros, as the show dubbed them, are given a few moments to win the laughter of not only of the studio audience but also of the televiewers in their respective homes. With the adept ability of the contestants to throw humourous jokes, the segment has gained a high rating and the komekeros gained fans and followers.


Photo grab from ComedyManila

Among the most loved komekeros are the Crazy Duo and Ryan Remz. Ryan Remz was able to establish a terrific personality with his catchy words, “Rock and Roll to the world!” This line did not only trend in social media but also has become a common expression of the teenagers. His ‘junky’ look, as Comedy Manila stated, was also something that catches the attention of his audience the moment he sets foot on stage. Describing him was said to be like “trying to describe how a sunset looks to a blind person: you either insult the blind person or just the sun.” According to Starmometer, there are already fan pages in the social media which are dedicated to him. However, although Ryan has been performing as a stand-up comedian for 7 years now, the immediate warm response of the netizens has not yet dawn in his mind. He still wonders why people has found him really funny although he is just being himself, relaxed in the stage.


Screen grab from entertainment.abs-cbn.com

On the other hand the father-and-son tandem komekeros way to popularity has a different storyline. Diego, the father, and Gedent, the son have been entertaining people to make ends meet. Diego makes a living through working as  a clown and a dog trainer in a circus. He has been doing this for 20 years now in order to support his family. This endeavor has inspired Gedent to also earns through entertaining people. Since the two already have funny lines while working in Cebu, they only translated those in Tagalog. Moreover, the comic style of delivering jokes was also helpful for them to overcome the initial difficulty. One of their performances in the segment was impersonating the famous celebrities Jireh Lim and one of the Showtime hosts, Jugs Jugueta. Also being a former stuntman, Diego imitated the dance moves of the Sample King, Jhong Hilario.

Although the comedians are up to win a competition, it seems that they are all winners now. Given the chance to perform in a stage where the entire nation is the audience is already an opportunity not only to entertain the audience and viewers but also advertise themselves.

In the end, it is not the money they win that matters most, but the fulfillment of bringing joy to the hearts of the Filipinos. Comedy is indeed an art and a talent. It is a masterpiece that embodies the joyous character and culture of the Filipino nation.

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