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Last Letter written in Titanic, Now a Valuable Vintage

Letters, diaries, journals and others have significant value over time especially if they carry along a phenomenal event and memories of the past which live forever.

Even now, whenever people talk about Titanic they cannot help but have goose bumps at the thought of the said to be unsinkable ship, which as we all know sank and took over 1500 lives. Just recently, it was reported that the letter, written Sunday afternoon before Titanic sank, was sold at an auction in Britain for $200,000. The last letter was written by Esther Hart, a second class passenger. It should have been delivered to her mother back in Britain when the ship returns to Southampton as they were about to emigrate Canada. Unfortunately, the accident happened; Hart lost her husband and the letter was found in her husband’s coat which was with her. Now, the letter is considered a valuable vintage and costs way as high as other valuable antiques and works of art. Here’s a peek of the letter:

Titanic Last letter found

Credits to timesofmalta.com

“As you see it is Sunday afternoon and we are resting in the library after luncheon. I was very bad all day yesterday could not eat or drink and sick all the while, but today I have got over it…. Tho they say this ship does not roll on account of its size. Anyhow it rolls for me, I shall never forget it. It is very nice weather but awfully windy and cold. They say we may get into New York Tuesday night but we are really due early Wednesday ,morning, shall write as soon as we get there. “

Titanic’s literary and historical value is beyond compare. As the years pass, the more does it become worth the exploration and whatever it left is worth the preservation. What’s the worth of this letter? It’s too much to overstate but nonetheless, cannot be undermined too as it proves what lives and what’s timeless: the power of writing, the power of putting it down, pen and paper that keep history’s undying memory.

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