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Liza Soberano starring in the upcoming Darna film

Many Filipina actresses have taken on the role “Darna” and it can be a huge pressure to live up to expectations. Former Darna actresses have got Liza Soberano’s back and send their support for the said film. Darna was created by Mars Ravelo. Darna was then identified as “Varga” wherein the first appearance was in Bulaklak Magazine in 1947. The story follows Narda, a village woman who discovers a mysterious white stone that fell from the sky. She hid the stone in her mouth and accidentally swallowed it. When her grandmother asked what was carved on the stone, with an enormous shout she says, “Darna” and transformed into a heroic outfit. Soberano rose to fame as she became the other half of popular love team (LizQuen) who played leading roles in several movies/tv shows like Forevermore and Bagani alongside Enrique Gil. Darna film was reportedly will be delayed and Gil admitted that Soberano got injured in a stunt during their recently finished teleserye “Bagani.”


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