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LizQuen’s “Alone/Together” hits 21M – first day

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are considered as one of the most popular love teams in the current generation who are also known as LizQuen. Like other popular love teams, LizQuen already had several movies and television series that marked in many people’s hearts. It has been usual that in every project assigned to LizQuen, many people are always excited for it.

As a sign of a Valentine gift to their fans, LizQuen have a movie entitled Alone/Together which is first showed in cinemas on February 14, 2019. Alone/Together movie involves college sweethearts who meet again, eight years after their breakup. Liza Soberano played the role of the girl named Christine who once was a \n over-achieving art student but then became a failure. While Enrique Gil played the role of the boy named Raf, a guy nobody thought who became a great doctor. As they both have different lives, their reunion takes their back to the past that they’ve shared together. From then on, they started to fall inlove with each other again. However, will their second chance lasts forever? That’s the thing you need to know as you watch the movie. Hitting over 21M hits on the first day is just a proof how great Alone/Together is. You will surely witness a different kind of love, so better watch it!

Official Trailer below:


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