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Lolong is not dead?

We just had hit Guinness and resounded popularity to have the biggest crocodile in captivity when Lolong got exposed, but not long after, our fame diminished after the death of this legendary crocodile.

However, as always Philippines gets to have surprising news from time to time which ironically qualifies to some sort of world records. Breaking news brought forth this seemingly Lolong reincarnation, real big time news, isn’t it?

It’s not new after all to hear of another annoying corruption issue, an issue that has always been circulating centuries ago. So what’s new? Nothing really! But the mere reflection that the country seems to nurse too many alligators becoming real-like Lolongs in the political arena brings a sickening and horrifying thought.

Pork Barrel Scam is real big time! Billions are at stake, big names are lolongupfront but who suffer?—Well, those who religiously pay taxes and most of all the commoners—those who are almost getting nothing even if they toil in their entire life.

It’s just too bad to think that our country is not a land of fools. In fact it’s a land where brilliant minds thrive. But I think it’s also the very reason why the clever ones dominate. The clever know the maze too much and this ability has also been used for this ruthless corruption.

Janet Napoles, senators and congressmen and many names that are yet to be revealed, certainly, are just a portion of the total epidemic of corruption. There are still too many Lolongs in the making.

To clean the entire political system and to twist minds of those who seem not to know what’s wrong and evil are two almost impossible things. If this happens, miracles happen and The Philippines is a utopia.

So what’s the resolution? Shall we remain thinking that this horrible situation leads to a dead end, Wrong Turn or Final Destination?

To be pessimistic is all the more a forfeiture. To be highly optimistic might be too ideal. But maybe, the least yet the best thing to think about is that the growing awareness and arising initiative bring forth a good step.

Now and then, we realize that we can NEVER and SHOULDN’T put our hopes on people who magically throw promises and enticingly wear masks, masks which hide the alligator’s whim.

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