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Lone Filipino skater in Sochi Olympics


Even before, Filipinos really excel in different areas of competition, whether it be arts or sports – Filipinos have these distinct characteristics which made us proud to be one. This year, the only Lone Filipino skater Michael Christian Martinez will represent the Philippines on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Among his competitors will be 2010 Olympic bronze medalist Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, European titlist Lorent Amodio of France,US champion Max Aaron and his all time idol Patrick Chan of Canada.Michael Christian Martinez

Martinez strives hard just to reach his dream. He and his family sacrificed so much just to be included in the World Olympics. They sacrificed so much to raise funds for his training. Though Martinez has sponsors, the funds was not enough to sustain him for the Olympics. His mother Maria Teresa said that they even ask for the help from the president Noynoy Aquino but they received nothing. The palace said that they haven’t received any letter from the Martinez. Despite this, Malacañang extended their support to the only Filipino representative. It’s somehow sad to know that the lack of support from the government happened again and again. The Martinez’ even mortgaged their home just to buy tickets to Sochi. This has been the problem of the Philippine government ever since but Martinez still continued and proudly represents Philippines to bring honor despite the lack of support. He’s still proud because he’s competing for a winter game though Philippines is a tropical country and we’ve got no ice here.

The issue could somehow be a wake-up call for all especially the Philippine government to support our athletes not when he/she has already brought honor to the country but even before – in their training and of whatever expense they would need along the way. We have a reserved fund for these sports events so why not just used these funds as appropriate?

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