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Manila Bay – Before and After

The capital of the Philippines, which is Manila, has become very amazing city as it has many beautiful spots and other things that any Filipino could be proud of. Manila Bay is one of the places that are popular especially to Filipinos. Unfortunately, due to lack of maintenance and discipline, Manila Bay became not so nice and clean as what it should be. There are garbage everywhere with stinking and decaying odor affecting the environment and public’s health. However, it’s been years already that Manila Bay remain not good which lead to people showing rally about saving the bay.

As mentioned, years were already passed before it caught an attention. During President Rodrigo Duterte, the rehabilitation of Manila Bay has been done. Not just Manila Bay, but also Boracay and Pasig River. President Duterte really put an action towards what the Filipino people wanted for the country. As you can see the Manila Bay after rehabilitation, you will surely be amazed.


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