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Manny Pacquiao Acquires Full Ownership of NBA’s Golden State Warriors

Kia Motors, a basketball team in the Philippines has in hand now a ‘sister’ after the former boxing eight-division world champ and politician, Manny Pacquiao officially bought the Golden State Warriors, reported Manila Link.

Golden State Warriors, an American professional basketball team based in Oakland, under the Pacific Division of National Basketball Association (NBA) is now under the full control of Pacquiao – its team and staff. He is a sole owner of the team.

Pacquiao has once encountered the said team last 2014 when he practiced basketball in their court to promote his fight against Algeiri. He even said in the records that he felt nice and honored to be there. He has met Stephen Curry, one of his favorite players in NBA, and Klay Thompson.

During the NBA Finals, Pacquiao once said that the Warriors have the very same ways of hospitality with his fellow Filipinos. When asked why he supports Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals last June 2, he said to Alinea, “for the simple reason that Golden State represents an area where the most number of Filipinos in America live. I want the Warriors to win the series and crown themselves NBA champions.”

Basketball, being his second loved sport, Pacquiao continues to venture its substance. He presently coaches Kia Motors in the Philippines. When playing in court he either acts as the shooter or the point-guard, he said in an interview posted in NBA.COM.

Furthermore, according to Manila Link, he is also interested in buying a another basketball team in China for him to designate in Hong Kong. “If possible, he will also buy a team in the European leagues. We have been keeping an eye in Europe for an up-and-coming team like the Warriors, so look out for that,” his agent told the media.

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