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Manong Candy Love Advices: The “Hugot” Moments

From the famous line – “walang forever” to the hugot lines of so many random individuals that have gone viral, stuff about love still continues to take a place in social media. What’s unique about such things is that they don’t just show the nature of FIlipinos to passionately believe in falling in love and heartbreaks, but they also express the somewhat artistic and poetic style of art that seems to run in the blood of Filipinos. Just this month, a video man, known as Manong Candy, riding in a bus telling love advices made a buzz in social media. Aside from the unlikely scenario of seeing a man in a bus talking about love, Manong Candy love advices have captured a lot of netizen’s interest, especially those of people that can relate.

Manong candy love advices

Screen grab from: www.youtube.com

The man started to get known as Manong Candy since a citizen riding a bus who listened to his sweet love advices uploaded a video in social media – Facebook, reported iweb.ph. In the video, while selling Maxx candies to the passengers of the bus, Manong Candy spoke love advices which caught everyone’s attention.

One of Manong Candy’s love advices was about “How to Love Again”. Among his words that fascinated the passengers  are as follows:

“You need to settle down the issue between you and your love ones. You have to make a choice”

This line was followed by a few more, relating the topic to an octopus.

After the video was uploaded, a lot of people who noticed and heard Manong Candy love advices liked, shared and commented expressing their  fascination. One even said:

“jan nman lagi ang pwesto nia ee hahaha masayahing tao tlga yan college pa lang ako sa mcu lagi ko na cia nkikita”  [He always takes position there. Hahaha. He is indeed joyous person, I have seem him there since college.]

Indeed, Manong Candy love advices have touched the hearts of his random candy customers and passengers of the bus. Though some may find it funny and amusing, is it not fascinating to see that Manong Candy love advices portray such talent in speaking poetic art? You gotta see and hear it for yourself. And perhaps, ask some advices for your personal love situation, and buy some of his candies.


Featured image from Elwin John Salvador Facebook Page:

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